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HeHim.org – “My Pronouns are He, Him, His, and I vote!”

HeHim.org was founded to bring discussion of important issues for men and boys to the modern political process, both elections and legislation. Despite the fact that men are just under 50% of the voting populace, and that men have been historically the primary gender in government positions, issues that affect that vast majority of men (the 99% in Occupy Wall Street lingo) are not adequately addressed, nor understood. For instance, the following outcomes for men and boys, all of which are preventable, tell just part of a sobering story:

Males comprise the majority in these 5 categories, and it’s all preventable. We need our government to understand and address these and other important issues, comprehend how gender is a factor, and to create policies and programs to help boys and men achieve healthier and more positive outcomes.

Our research has some key findings about the importance of the male vote. Looking at Presidential elections, men have been determinative in all elections since 1972. See the graph below — when Republicans win the male vote by more than 7.5%, they win the White House. When the Democratic candidate either wins the male vote, or loses by less than 7.5%, the Democrats win. See the graphic below, and read our blog for more insight on the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Graph of US Presidential election voting results by gender, 1972-2016.
The 2020 data (grey dots): Biden is polling even with male voters, and close to +20 with female voters, according to data posted at the Rutgers Poll Tracker.

However, male voters and their issues have been largely ignored. The party platforms of both major parties shy away from men’s issues, as do individual legislators. For instance, visit all the web pages for your representatives at the local, state, federal levels. How many of them have pages and postings related to issues supporting women? How many of them have pages and postings with issues related specifically to men?

We suspect you will find many more posts for women, and that men’s and boys’ issues are minimal if they exist at all. Issues like the facts that men die 5 years earlier, men are 93% of federal prisoners, boys comprise 6 of 7 cases of autism, 70% of the homeless are men, men are falling way behind in college education, and many other issues.

We have created HeHim.org to make people aware of these issues, to inform legislators, and ultimately to make the world a better place for all through better programs that create better outcomes for our boys and men. And this will in turn help women and girls, as well. For we believe the old saying to be true: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and vice versa.

Please explore the site and let us know your thoughts at: dude@hehim.org. Thanks for visiting.