Men make up just under 50% of the electorate in the US, but are largely dismissed as a voting bloc. It’s time to change that. HeHim.org is putting issues that affect boys and men on the political agenda of all parties. If candidates want men to vote for them, then they will have to address the issues that specifically affect men and boys, and earn the votes. Male voters will no longer be taken for granted.

Does your representative have a web page dedicated to boys’ and men’s issues? If not, let them know they should.

How does your representative score? We are developing a SCORECARD for anyone to send to their own representatives or candidates for office in their jurisdiction.

Does anyone remember a question in the 2020 presidential debates that specifically mentions an issue that was directed toward men? See this video below for an example — though men die at higher rates from COVID, the debate moderator frames the question in terms of women having been hit most hard, not men. Thanks to GIBM.us for the video.

The debate moderator claims that COVID affects women more than men, despite the fact that the majority of COVID deaths have been men, and men at all ages are at higher risk of death than women of the same age.