Presidential Election 2020

Eight Days Until Election Day – Biden Now Even with Male Voters

In a key determinant of potential victory, Joe Biden is polling even with male voters according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll, as reported on This is a key number that we are watching during the presidential race. And right now, Biden is polling close to where Obama was in 2008, a good sign for him.

Biden is polling even with male voters with 8 days left before voting day — a good sign for Biden, putting his number close to Obama’s in 2008.

As we have seen in every election since 1972, if the Republican candidate wins the male vote by more than 7.5%, that candidate has won. On the other hand, when the Democratic candidate has lost male voters by 7.5% or less (or even won the male vote by a small margin), then the Democrats took the White House.

Therefore, if this is an indicator, the numbers are looking good for Biden as he is well ahead of that 7.5% figure, even with a 3% margin of error.

Male voting patterns have consistently swayed elections — since 1972, when Republicans win the male vote by more than 7.5%, they win the White House. Conversely, when Democrats win the male vote or lose by less than 7.5%, they win. We are watching this number in 2020 to gain insight on the Presidential Election. Currently, Biden and Trump are polling even with men, a positive sign for Biden.

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