Presidential Election 2020

Lincoln Project Targets Male Voters in Latest Ad, Entitled Simply: “Men”

The Lincoln Project has been making headlines with its outspoken support of Biden and other Democratic candidates while actively denouncing Trump. What’s surprising about this is that its founders are former, and recent, Republicans.

In their latest ad, they have done something that we rarely see, but are very happy about at this point — created an ad targeted at the male voting bloc. It is a refreshing change to see a campaign actively targeting men as a demographic. In fact, it was so direct, the ad was simply entitled: “Men.”

The “Men” ad from the Lincoln Project, supporting Joe Biden. It is a direct appeal to men, specifically those men who voted for Trump in 2016, to acknowledge their “mistake” and vote for Biden in 2020.

The ad does not target all men — it specifically asks those men who voted for Trump in 2016 to vote for Biden in 2020, acknowledging that they made a “mistake” as any good man could do. It invokes hard-working middle-American men/fathers, and some commenters felt the message was a bit shaming.

However, we at are simply happy to have an ad targeted at men, even if it is only a subset. We love the imagery and the importance placed on fatherhood. So if you are a Biden supporter, you should be happy that the Lincoln Project, who are former Republicans, clearly understand the importance of the male vote in support of Democrats. If you are a Trump supporter who does not like the ad, we ask, where is Trump’s male-positive campaign ad? Show us and we’ll post it.

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